Nina Weber


Classical ballet training


Aerobic conditioning, dance, flexibility training, massage, water aerobics


New York

NinaNina Weber comes to us from the entertainment stage with a background in classical ballet since the age of five and a desire to become a leading lady of the opera. By the time she was the ripe old age of 14, however, her hopes for a career in ballet were dashed due to a recurring sports injury. Her passion for dance and the theater did not waiver. She rechanneled her energies into using the art of dance and the healing properties of massage therapy to help others redefine their bodies and awareness.

A born dancer and healer by nature, Nina’s dance therapy and aerobic instruction incorporates classical ballet fundamentals and stretching techniques, with jazz dance’s character and popular dance’s freedom to provide her clients with an ability to express their inner selves.

Her approach to massage therapy is non-dogmatic. She focuses on the physiology, physical and emotional vitality and composure to channel “ki”. The giver of massage must be focused and balanced and attentive towards each individuals needs in order for ki efficacy to take place.