Deena Russo


CPR Certified, AFAA Certified


Aerobics, weight loss, conditioning and body building


Los Angeles, Santa Monica

DeenaDeena Russo is a certified personal trainer and body sculpting specialist in Los Angeles. Her clientele are men and women of all ages from college students to senior citizens. She has been involved in the fitness industry in New York and Los Angeles for the past 12 years.

Her New York experience as an aerobic's instructor and private trainer includes training groups at Nassau College on Long Island as well as many fitness establishments in the tri-state area.

She currently resides in Santa Monica, CA and is training at a variety of locations including private homes and gyms. Deena leads a group on weekends for beach walks and stair climbing adventures at the famous Santa Monica Stairs. She enjoys taking clients on an outdoor excursion where aerobic activity is mixed with resistance training for body sculpting.

Deena works together with chiropractors and holistic doctors for clients that have special rehabilitation needs and limitations. She has recently trained clients for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego.

Her career in fitness began as a talk show host for a New York based television health show entitled "Creative Wellness. The show covered such topics as exercise, nutrition, self empowerment and holistic healing. She
has worked as a self esteem coach and has led guided meditation and goal setting groups.

If it's a trainer who genuinely cares about people and motivates her clients to push past their comfort zones and become leaner, stronger, healthier and more self confident, it's Deena you want.