Steven Branstetter


NCSA Certified, BA in Broadcasting and Communications


Weight training, aerobic conditioning, weight loss


San Francisco

Steven BSteven Branstetter approaches his training and his life with great enthusiasm and honesty. Steven has been associated with mentoring kids during after school programs and from this Steven has developed acute listening skills which has enabled him to pay close attention to individual needs of others. The key to becoming great in anything is being able to become a great listener and once you become a great listener, you can become a great achiever. Steven applies this method in his personal training sessions.

StevenPatience is also the key to achieving one’s personal goals. Everything should be approached in a timely manner with a general understanding of how things work. Steven not only motivates but makes sure that he educates the clients as well. The diet is the runway to success. Feed your body the proper fuel then you are halfway there.

Understanding that everyone has different needs and having the consideration that everyone has their own timetable; Steven takes his time, enabling each client to meet their goals in a timely manner. This is where playing team sports all his life comes in handy. Steven learned the value and discipline of which is very vital in the personal training arena by playing basketball and baseball. Steven is currently studying for his NCSCA personal certificate.

“Small changes allow for big opportunities”