April Rulloda


Certified (24 Hours Fitness), CPR


Personal training, cardio conditioning, cardio kickboxing, hip hop aerobics



AprilIn 1999 after seeing a Muay Thai Kickboxing World Team USA competition, April Rulloda became hooked on kickboxing and began intensively studying competitive martial arts.

After a year of training, she began to compete in amateur tournaments and exhibitions with World Team USA (1999-2003). It was through the study of martial arts that she attained the discipline and commitment it takes to develop the skills needed to excel in fitness training, strength and conditioning instruction and endurance development. As passionately as she is about kickboxing, she is equally as enthusiastic about working with her personal training clients and group classes to assist them in reaching their individual fitness goals.

After receiving her Personal Trainer Certificate, she continued her education while working with many different clients to keep up with the ever-evolving health and fitness world. She is constantly exploring other fields of fitness such as rehabilitation, martial arts conditioning, sports specific training, endurance training, water aerobics, and nutrition to better herself as a fitness professional.

April is also a proficient aerobics instructor. At the young age of eight, she began studying tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop and break dancing. By the time she was fourteen she found that these dance forms had laid a well-balanced foundation for the demands of a growing performer and choreographer.

Addicted to dance, she wanted to share her enthusiasm for dance fitness with a larger audience and began teaching hip-hop aerobics and cardio kickboxing at fitness clubs and privately to students of all ages and fitness levels. She believes that dance is one the best form of fitness training because it allows you to explore and play with your body’s movements as well as sparking creative influence and confidence while getting fit.

April is proficient in instructing in everything from general fitness to intensive conditioning exercises. In working with different fitness situations, she finds that creating a caring and helpful relationship with her clients is the key to providing the best results. Aside from providing information on fitness programming, she works with you on developing the proper technique and overall results.

“I believe that being a fun motivational fitness companion is truly priceless.”