Dr. Brandee Waite


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation/Sports Medicine


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Sacramento/UC Davis

Brandee L. Waite, MD received her medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine with an interest in physical medicine and rehabilitative sports medicine. She earned her Bachelors Degree from Stanford University, graduating with honors from the Department of Human Biology. She has worked in numerous health spas and fitness clubs, sharing her multidisciplinary expertise with clients young and old, beginners and competitive athletes.

Her emphasis is uniting the mind and body of her clients to empower them with inner wellness through the medium of physical fitness. She was able to exercise this philosophy while employed at the Rancho La Puerta Health Spa in Baja, Mexico. As a fitness instructor at this internationally renowned health spa, Brandee taught hydrofit/aquatic, cardio kickboxing, and aerobic/ cardio-funk classes. She challenged her clients with daily hikes through the natural splendors of the Baja terrain. She was one of two fitness instructors on an international cruise line responsible for the development of the fitness programs and social activities for over 500 passengers aboard the ship. That takes, if nothing else, organization and great people skills! Brandee is surely talented in both respects.

She has a unique style and appeal that enables her to motivate her clientele to achieve more then their anticipated goals. She will hold your hand all the way to the store to buy that new dress you've been waiting for or all the way to the finish line! At what ever pace, Brandee will rejuvenate the old you and help you on your way to creating the "well" you.

Her breadth of knowledge with aqua aerobics and low impact aerobics, Step Reebok, kickboxing, weight lifting, circuit training and stretching lends her the background needed to effectively address your fitness needs. So, if you are a beginner or a world class athlete, Brandee has the know how to help you realize success!