Lee Anne Beaman


ISS Certified


Tae Bo, yoga, Pilate's, spinning, kickboxing, dance aerobics and weight training


Los Angeles

Lee Ann"The difference between the possible and the impossible is the determination and strength that lies within each of us”

Lee Anne Beaman’s interest in fitness began during her adolescence. At an early age, she began to have a serious problem with obesity. Determined not to follow in the footsteps of her family genetics, she sought to change her course in life. Physical fitness became her solution!

While in college, she engrossed herself in reading every bit of information that she could find on nutrition and fitness. She even took a part time job at a local fitness chain to learn the tricks of the trade. Her studies coupled with her hands on experience allowed her to literally transform her body and ultimately, her lifestyle.

Lee Anne became a proficient personal fitness trainer with a unique ability to empathize with the difficulty of rising above a negative self-image. She instructs in Tai Bo, dance aerobics, kickboxing, Spinning, Pilates, Yoga and weight training. Since 1998, she has held a personal training certificate from one of the leading certification programs in the country, International Sports Sciences Assocation (ISSA). Her clientele includes male and female clients throughout Los Angeles County. She especially enjoys working with the geriatric community.

Lee Anne represents the ideal fitness expert. She has a passion for teaching and inspiring those clients that need that “helping hand” and the expertise for those who wish to achieve athletic excellence.

Your reach can, indeed, exceed your grasp.