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Sports Medicine & Medical Consults

Avanti has compiled an elite group of sports medicine physicians from around the world that share a similar enthusiasm for the maintenance of the “healthy” athlete. Our unifying approach to the care of our sports medicine patients is a holistic approach. We believe in insuring continuity of care of the patient from the operating table to the field or stage from whence they came.

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Medical Consults Team

The Avanti Philospophy

A sports medicine team is like an orchestra. There must be a conductor or a team leader with a plan of action. All the members of the orchestra or medical team, inclusive of the auxiliary medical and therapeutic services, must work in unison with one specific goal in mind, a safe return to play or performance. If one team member of the orchestra gets out of sync due to lack of communication, the end result will be disharmonious and could be detrimental to the patient’s “healthy” return to play.

Avanti Sports Medicine's team of physicians and consultants is comprised of both surgical and non-surgical sports medicine physicians and therapists from some of the top training and research institutes around world. We specialize in treatment of acute and chronic sports and performance arts medicine. Many of the physicians hold positions as team physicians or consultants for professional athletic organizations. Our physicians are recognized and held in high esteem by their colleagues and patient’s for their dedication to their craft and their unprecedented care of the patient.

Our objective is simple, we strive to provide the best comprehensive care for our patients. Be you a sports agent who needs a referral for an injured elite athlete on the road, a coach with an injured star player down two weeks before the big game or a concerned parent, Avanti Sports Medicine and it’s consultants will be there for you from start to finish.